Alirio J Zavarce

I am Alirio Zavarce, or simply, Rio. I hold a certification in Holistic Health. I was trained in health and how to achieve good health. I am currently undergoing further training on health coaching.

I am also a network engineer with over 26 years of experience in the field. My job entails designing and implementing from simple to complex data networks for enterprises. And what that means is that I integrate networking hardware and make it work together in a reliable infrastructure over which computers and servers communicate internally within your workplace and with the Internet.

Holistic/natural/alternative medicine, wellness, and the creation of health is a great passion for me.

When Did It All Start?

My journey in the health and wellness field started in year 2012 when I watched a documentary called Food Matters. I was so impressed with this film that I watched it at least one more time, maybe two. That film was an eye-opener for me as I started to understand the impact of food on our health, and sickness, and why so many people are sick.

Ever since then, I became very interested in nutrition and began researching more into holistic medicine and its modalities; discovering a whole new world; putting pieces of the puzzle together; buying and reading books; reading authority websites; and listening to experts. I realized how unaware we are on how the food we normally eat negatively affects our health state and how much we depend on medical doctors for our health concerns. We’ve been led to believe that the common health issues we’re facing nowadays are perfectly normal as we blame genetics. And once we receive a diagnosis, our only options are the management of the disease with drugs and surgery. Diet and stress are never to blame.

As a result, I became immersed in holistic, natural medicine and haven’t been able to stop ever since.

Why iThrive.health?

During my research, I discovered that there are different types of medicine. I discovered that the medicine we are all familiar with, the medicine that your medical doctor practices, is just one type of medicine.

There is ayurvedic medicine, tradicional Chinese medicine, chiropractic medicine, allopathic medicine, homeopathic medicine, naturopathic medicine, osteopathic medicine, and others. They’re all types of medicine and many of them almost nobody knows about and that have been around for so many years.

The medicine your medical doctor (MD) practices is called allopathic medicine. Allopathy is one type of medicine that’s more adequate for trauma and emergencies. Medical doctors, or allopaths, can save your life when, God forbid, you get in a car accident; fall off a bridge; get shot at a robbery; get injured at war; etc.

Medical doctors use drugs and surgery to do their job. That’s why their treatments are based on drugs and surgery. When you go see your medical doctor, most of the times, you come back with a cocktail of drugs (medications) to suppress your symptoms. Or, sometimes, you come back with less organs because your MD removed them thinking that surgery fixed the problem and without figuring out why your organs broke to begin with.

For instance, when my son broke his fibula and tibia at a soccer game, I didn’t take him to the chiropractor. Instead, I took him to the ER because that was the type of care he needed. He didn’t need a naturopath nor a homeopath. He needed an MD to fix his broken bone (trauma). He needed drugs to put him out while he underwent surgery.

Allopathic medicine has taken control of the healthcare system. It hides behind science-based medicine to make you believe that their practice is the “only” real deal. Meanwhile, medicine has become a multi billion dollar business, and in an economic system that promotes competition, allopathic medicine, via false claims and miseducation, has done a good job at discrediting other types of medicines by touting them as quackery and unscientific. Other types of medicine that are safe and effective.

Meanwhile, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, autism, and many other health problems are on the rise and the expenditure on healthcare grows higher and higher. People are getting sicker and sicker. You would think that after all the money spent in health care, the overall health state of Americans is getting better. Nope. People’s health is getting worse. Just look around.

In fact, the United States’ infant mortality is worse than any other industrialized nation. In other words, there’s a higher chance that your new born will make it past a year in other developed countries than the US. (1) (2)

I don’t think that the medicine we use is the right medicine for health.

Allopathic medicine, again, the medicine that your medical doctors practices, has its place. And that’s trauma and ER.

Allopathic medicine follows the philosophy of reductionism whereas the other types of medicine I mentioned above follow the philosophy of holism.

I fell in love with holistic medicine. A healthy body doesn’t need drugs to become healthy though drugs and surgery are sometimes necessary.

Now, the question is, how do you become healthy?

How to you prevent disease?

The answers to those questions are what motivated me to put together iThrive.health.

I have learned that the body is designed to be healthy. The body is always trying to be healthy. You just have to help it by giving it the right conditions to become healthy.

In other words, becoming healthy entails giving your body and mind what it needs to be healthy while eliminating what’s hurting it.

All my articles are geared to help you gain control of your health and become healthier.

Please, join me in this journey to create health for yourself and your family.

Final Thoughts

It is overwhelming, in a good way, how much true health information there is out there that we don’t know and should know. Information that is not being passed down from generation to generation as it used to be. I want iThrive.health to become a means to spread health information for everyone. My goal is to publish my research and make it available for everyone to read and share.

Unlike other bloggers who contract third-party writers to create their content, I write my own articles. I research and put my findings together myself. So far, I have only uploaded a few posts, but I am still developing more interesting articles with loads of good information.

Feel free to bookmark this site and sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss any of my upcoming posts about many different interesting health topics.

The lack of knowledge is killing us, and we need to end it. We need to take control of our own health ourselves.

Thank you for being here. Stay tuned!

To your health,

Alirio (Rio) Zavarce
Certified Holistic Health Counselor
Your Health Advocate