Reductionism vs. Holism

Understanding the difference between the philosophy of reductionism and holism will help you understand the difference between allopathic and holistic

Do You Really Need a Gallbladder?

Is the Gallbladder necessary? Many times we hear that the gallbladder is an extra organ. To me, it’s very odd to know that we are born with an extra organ that we don’t need. In this post, I’ll explain what the gallbladder is and its function.

Treat the Cause. Not the Symptom.

Maybe the health problem you’re facing is not really a disease. More often than not, you have a nutritional deficiency that caused something in your body, or your brain, to break and produced symptoms.

How I Fixed My Heel Pain?

Is it Plantar Fasciitis? Is it a Heel Spur? In this post I describe my experience with heel pain and what I did to fix it for once and for all.