Treat the Cause. Not the Symptom.

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By: Alirio Zavarce

Find the Root Cause of Health Problems

Allopathic medicine, the medicine that your medical doctor practices, focuses on treating symptoms rather than treating the root cause of your health problems.

Health problems may be a collection of symptoms of nutritional deficiencies that are trying to tell you something.

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SYMPTOMS are nature’s warning signs to tell you that something is wrong.

You need to change your ways and figure out what is it that you’re doing that’s making you sick, sore, debilitated, and/or disabled, also know as the ROOT CAUSE.

Drugs target symptoms and not their root cause.

Drugs diminish or hide symptoms to make you feel better; however, because the sickness and/or inflammation continues to develop, your body ends up with more problems in more places than it originally had.

Woman on Many Medications

Drugs, nonetheless, can save your life! They act quick!

For instance, many years ago, my younger brother, by accident, smelled some pool-cleaning powder that constricted his airways.

What a scary moment!

He had to be rushed to the ER because he could barely breath.

Guess what? Drugs saved his life! And I’m thankful for that.

Child Inhaling Through Oxygen Mask

However, having a health problem, which very commonly is just a symptom or a group of symptoms, and taking drugs to treat it is like having your car’s Check Engine light on, and to fix it, you take it to the shop and they cut the check-engine wire off.

As you should know, the check engine light came on to let you know that something is wrong.

Check engine light illuminated

That’s why it’s there to warn you, like symptoms.

If you cut the wire, however, do you fix the problem?

No. You just don’t see it anymore. That’s what drugs do.

If your blood sugar is high, your medical doctor will give you a drug to lower your blood sugar.

Metformin Prescription Bottle

But, is your high blood sugar the problem, or maybe, the “result” of the problem?

Glucose Gauge

If you treat a symptom, like high blood sugars, you will always be chasing the symptom.

The reason that’s causing your blood sugar levels to be high is still there.

So, the question is, why are your blood sugar levels high (diabetes)?

Kind of like, why is your check engine light on?

Because you keep treating the symptom (high blood sugars) without treating the root cause, your health gets worse, and you end up with the complications of diabetes.

Amputations, retinopathy, cardiovascular problems, neuropathy, etc.

Complications of Diabetes

Not pretty, right?

Unfortunately, and sadly, that’s the standard of care for diabetes.

Most of the times, your body breaks because:

  • Your body is not getting enough of one or more essential nutrients.
  • You are eating foods that, unknowingly, are hurting your body.
  • You are very stressed and constantly living in survival mode.

Let me elaborate a little.

Your body needs nutrients to be healthy.

Many of these nutrients your body doesn’t make and therefore you need to ingest them.

Woman Eating Healthy Green Salad

If any of those nutrients is missing, something will break either physically or mentally! Or both.

Why? Because that nutrient is needed to complete biological processes in your body.

For instance, let’s talk about scurvy.

Not eating vitamin C, or very little of it, will cause scurvy with bleeding in the gums as one of its symptoms.

(There are other symptoms associated with scurvy, but let’s use bleeding gums as an example)

Low Vitamin C Causes Scurvy

Bleeding gums are the symptom! Not the actual problem.

How do you fix it?

By eating foods rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin-C-rich Foods

It’s not that you have the Bleeding Gum Syndrome! It is that you’re deficient in vitamin C.

Does it make sense?

Numerous animals produce their own vitamin C. Humans can’t.

There are four enzymes involved in the production of vitamin C.

We, humans, have a mutated gene that produces the fourth enzyme, and as a consequence, we can’t make vitamin C ourselves. We have to ingest it.

Eating Vitamin C loaded strawberries

This is why vitamin C is an “essential nutrient.”

If you don’t eat it, you end up with the symptoms of the so-called scurvy.

James F. Balch, MD said “A deficiency of a vitamin or mineral will cause a body part to malfunction and eventually break down – and like dominos, other body parts will follow.”

But guess what?

You can determine what nutritional deficiencies you have by looking at all of your symptoms.

You should always look for the root cause so you can treat it!

You should always ask, why?

Now, how can help your body?

Herbs and natural remedies support the structure and function of the body.

Herbs and natural remedies provide the raw materials that the body needs to fix itself.

Herbs and natural remedies do not work as quickly as pharmaceutical drugs.

Herbal Medicine

But they take time.

With herbs and natural remedies, symptoms leave when the problem is solved and the body is healed.

There is no masking of symptoms!

There is no spreading of problems!

There is no progressive decline of health!

It’s beautiful!

In 1948, more than half of the drugs listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) were natural remedies and vitamins.

Today, the PDR lists only a few vitamins among thousands of synthetic drugs.


Natural Healing vs Drugs

Maybe because it’s illegal for anybody to hold a patent on a naturally occurring substance.

There is no profit in them.

Imagine this, if somebody found a mineral that cured breast cancer, for instance, anybody could make it, so why pour hundreds of millions of dollars on research and development into something that, once discovered, anybody and everybody could make and sell?

Think about it.

From a humanitarian point of view, this is a good idea, but medicine in the industrialized world is not driven by humanitarianism, nor is it driven by results.

Medicine in the 21st century is driven by profits.

If modern medicine was results-driven, the health state and projections would have a positive outlook.

I hope this short post will get you into thinking and looking deeper at any health problem you may have.

Thank you!

If you stick around, you’ll know more about nutritional deficiencies and how to improve your health.

Want to Learn More?

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